Bowling Diano

The bowling alley includes 12 lanes, computerized with modern screens

Furthermore, thanks to the installation of bumpers (special “anti-canal” edges, present in 8 of the 12 lanes), even the youngest (6/7 year olds) can try their hand at bowling, because bowling is fun for everyone.

If you want to become a champion, train on our slopes!

Marco Reviglio, 2018 world champion, 2007 European champion and multiple Italian champion, and Vittoria Tiragallo, the two strongest Italian bowling specialists in our area, started practicing this discipline right in this facility and often return there to train.

Come and have fun with us and also train for the numerous tournaments that take place throughout the year!

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Do you know the difference between strike and spare?

In bowling, getting a strike means knocking down the 10-pin castle with a single shot. If it is done with two shots, it is called a spare. How does the scoring work? Each pin knocked down is worth one point, but the rule states that in the event of a strike the points for the next two shots are doubled. For the spare, the doubling is for the next shot only. In case of spare or strike in the 10th frame, they are granted, respectively, one or two additional shots.

The perfect game is 300 points

The maximum score that can be obtained in a game (10 frames) of bowling is 300, which is obtained with 12 consecutive strikes (all pins knocked down on the first throw). This is obviously a rare feat, achieved only by top-level athletes. It already happened at Diano Bowling, a few years ago. Keep in mind that, for those who try their hand occasionally, exceeding 100 is already a good score. And it means you managed to break down, at least once, all ten pins, with one or two shots. Regularly maintaining above 120 points can make you feel like a good player, anyone who exceeds 140-150 must consider themselves an excellent player…

Italy is world champion

In 2018, the Italian national bowling team won an unexpected gold medal in Hong Kong. A historic triumph which also bears the signature of “our” Marco Reviglio, the veteran of the group, a champion who started playing and winning his first matches right at the Diano bowling alley!


Bowling is a recognized sport

Bowling, in addition to being a very fun game, is to all intents and purposes a sporting discipline recognized by CONI, with both an Italian Sports Federation ( www.fisb.org), and of official international bodies. Bowling is not yet an Olympic sport, but Italian champions have been competing regularly for years. The competitions are individual (single), in pairs (doubles), in threes (tris) or with four players (teams). Youth, Absolute or Senior (Over 50), both in the men’s and women’s fields. There is also mixed doubles. Obviously there is the national team that participates in the major international competitions: Mediterranean Championships, European Championships, World Cup (individual) and World Cup. The discipline is widespread across all continents and Italy (surprise world team gold in 2018) is now among the leading nations… even if it is difficult to compete with nations where bowling is professional.


The Egyptians also bowled

There are those who maintain that the birth of the game of bowling dates back to Ancient Egypt, therefore at least 2,500 years ago. This is because, in a burial chamber inside a pyramid, Petrie Flinders, a famous archaeologist, found some alabaster and porphyry objects that may seem to be the forerunners of the balls and pins that we see on bowling alleys today. Incredible…