At the Diano bowling alley

having fun is a game!

At the Diano bowling alley
fun is for everyone!

The property is located in the municipality of Diano Castello, on the border with Diano Marina, whose city center is just a 10-minute walk away.

Diano Bowling includes a bowling room (12 computerized lanes with score display and gutter barriers for the little ones), games room with over 50 video games, several billiard tables and table tennis (ping pong), table football, children’s area and etc. We also have a well-stocked bar, with a large entire room and an outdoor terrace, as well as a 10-hole mini golf course.

Various car parks are available, both inside the structure and nearby.


The room bowling includes 12 tracks,
computerized with modern screens.

Challenge your friends in exciting games!


An area of ​​the Diano bowling alley completely reserved for the little ones, with games and attractions suitable for their age.
Their fun is our reward!


In the area adjacent to the bowling alleys, billiard tables await you (adequately lit) where you can challenge your friends to 8-ball andStraight pool.

Free your imagination to put the 15 marbles in the hole!


At Diano Bowling, 10 holes of different structures and difficulties await you to test yourself .
Challenge your friends and family!

Ping pong

4 tables at your disposal to challenge your friends in exciting ping pong games.

For those who are already champions and for those who have yet to learn, fun is guaranteed!

Games and video games

Diano Bowling reserves a large room for video games and games of all kinds. Driving simulators, action and adventure video games, pinball, darts and tests of skill, memory and intuition: these are just some of the wide variety of games you can try, competing with others, but also with yourself.
Come and try them!